Travel Tip: USB Camera Battery charger

I often carry 2-3 different types of camera with me when I travel. To keep those cameras charged, I have to bring chargers from 3 different manufacturers, and sometimes double up on the chargers and cables to make sure I'm covered. In no time, your charging station will look something like this:

If we must use the OEM power bricks, we can use these small prongs or your existing Apple charger plugs to reduce the space. However I went one step further with the convenience of USB camera battery chargers.

On the left, is 3 OEM chargers with smaller wall plugs. On the right is 3 USB chargers, 3 mini cables, and 2 2.1A wall plugs.   I use the small Aukey wall plugs (these are the smallest 2 plug 2.4A usb chargers I know of) with short 3 inch Kero cables, with a total of 2 plugs (4 ports) and 3 cables for 3 USB camera battery chargers.

As for the pros of the USB camera battery chargers, it's pretty straight forward:

1. USB battery chargers are often 1/3 the size of OEM chargers

2. The MicroUSB inputs are universal, and the cables are available almost everywhere

3. You can use available USB power supply, including your phone charger and portable power banks

4. You are not tethered to a wall, making charging in your bag or on location a possibility if you want to use a power supply.

Other tips:  For my iPhone and iPad and other devices, I carry a massive 3 plug Anker Powercore II 20000mah power bank as a part of my core kit.  With a 3 plug power bank, I can charge 3 batteries simultaneously on location or in the hotel room. 

 If you REALLY WANT TO save more space, you can go one step further still: by using these dual camera battery USB chargers with a dual 2.4A (4.8 max) plug, you can charge a maximum of 4 batteries from 1 wall plug. I however on the other hand prefer having multiple plugs and multiple cables in case something breaks.

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