Changing the approach - what's in my bag

Click here for the two detailed articles regarding Ricoh GR II and Fuji X100T.

I want to briefly talk about what and how I configure my go to gear in the next few articles. A year ago when I was in Tokyo, I carried my DSLR along with bunch of prime lenses for the completetionist in me. Though I ended up finishing a series done with only a point and shoot (!). At least 20 pounds of gear on me and I didn't even use a few pounds of it. At the end of the day, my knees hurt from walking everywhere.  So in response to that I've decided to change and separate what I use for big jobs versus what I use as I wander about the world.

The gear I have in my small bag currently:

  1. Ricoh GR II 
  2. Ricoh GW-3 21mm adapter - Turns the camera into 21mm ultrawide, useful for close range and architecture shots.
  3. Fuji X100T 
  4. Fuji 50mm adapter - Turns the camera into 50mm, useful for portraits and headshots.
  5. 2 extra batteries for Ricoh4 extra batteries for Fuji - Always carry plenty of batteries for both cameras.  The cameras that uses EVF and LCD as main form of display always drains a lot of batteries.  I will go through 2 batteries at least in a portrait shoot with the X100T.
  6. Eneloop Pro AAA for flash and flashlight - Long run time and easy to recharge.
  7. EF-X20 flash - Great for having strong, direct, dirty flash look.  The flash is close to lens axis, throwing very little shadow.
  8. Joby Micro Hybrid Tripod - This mini tripod is great, it's got enough tension in the ball head to hold even an DSLR with a prime lens.  I use it to set the camera and shoot remotely via my from a distance smart phone.
  9. ThruNite Neutral White Titanium AAA flashlight - The light is extremely small and bright for it's size.  Great for lighting up subjects in a pinch.  The neutral white LED is also a better choice because it will not ruin your color perception as well as making it easier to balance in camera.
  10. Lens Pen Mini - This pen saved me multiple times.  It helps to clean out the viewfinders on the cameras as well as the filters I have over my lenses.
  11. KERO mini data and sync cables, Lightning for iPhones and Micro USB for everything else - I use the Lighting cable for my iPhone and the Micro USB cable to charge my X100T through the USB port via the external battery pack.
  12. Tile - I've lost my keys before that's tied to a Tile, thank goodness the community of Tile users helped me find my keys.
  13. Anker Powercore Plus 10500mAH - An external battery is almost a necessity in the power hungry world we live in today.  I use it to charge my iPhone and X100T, as well as giving others power when they're ill prepared.
  14. Midori Passport Notebook - To write down all my ideas and keep some important documents in it's inserts.  Also holds stamps, receipts, memos, tape and more.
  15. LAMY Al-Star extra fine fountain pen - Fountain pen are forgotten these days....
  16. Anker Kevlar Lightning cable - The problem with OEM Apple Cables are the face that they break too easily. Not this one, it's lined with kevlar on the inside and have lasted a lot longer already than my other Apple cables.
  17. EDC kit consists of: Keychain TweezersNitecore Titanium WhistleNiteize DoohicKey pry barLeatherman Micra MultitoolNitecore Tube USB Rechargable Flashlight - A set of tools I keep with me for whatever maintenance job I need.  The mini flashlight is also great for signaling at night, I have kept it clipped on to my camera bag at night in the wilderness to prevent from being lost.
  18. Burt's Bee Lipbalm - The past weeks I've been traveling a lot between Las Vegas, New Mexico, and LA during the winter.  This was an after thought because my lips were feeling the damage from the harsh weather.
  19. Thinktank SD card wallet + business cards, 128GB flash drive inside for file backup - I always keep the memory cards in a proper wallet, it's in bright orange as well so it doesn't get lost accidentally.  The 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive works in a pinch to copy and transfer data over computer.
  20. Casio MTG-1500B watch - I got this watch from Tokyo in 2015, it's a great travel watch as it is solar powered and has atomic time keeping.  The multiple displays for timezone is great when I travel.
  21. Bracelet from my mother - Something from mom...
  22. All fit into a Billingham Hadley Small
With this kit, I have 21, 28, 35 and 50mm which covers 98% of my focal length requirement.  They're small and easy to carry and are very different from DSLRs in their approach to shooting and the selection of subjects.

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